VIP-Core Dynamic Simulation Engine in ArchiCAD


Background: EcoDesigner has been available as an add-on since the release of ArchiCAD 12 (in 2008).

The VIPcore engine is used in Graphisofts EcoDesigner, which is an integrated, easy to use energy evaluation tool for architects based on Graphisoft ArchiCAD.

VIP-Core Dynamic Simulation Engine (ArchiCAD 16)


The VIP energy simulation software module integrated in ArchiCAD (a.k.a. engine) is a result of more than 20 years of research and commercial use. It relies entirely on dynamic models, in which every model is broken down to a level where facts and behavior are known. Each component group is analyzed separately. The calculation is repeated every hour. The accuracy of each model has been validated and verified against real buildings under real usage. In calculating a building’s energy consumption, the program utilizes known or measured facts about all parts of the energy flow.

VIP-Energy is produced by Structural Design Software in Europe AB

Validation of Calculation Accuracy

Energy Evaluation in ArchiCAD 16 uses the same simulation kernel as the VIP Energy product, which is validated with the following tests:
• EN-15265
• ASHRAE-BESTEST (ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 140-2001)
• StruSoft-BESTEST
Validation results can be read at


2 thoughts on “VIP-Core Dynamic Simulation Engine in ArchiCAD

  1. Judy Coetzee

    The municipalities are asking for the information in a different format so most of this valuable info cannot be used as it does not break the info down enough for use for council!!!! 😦

    1. gtaljaard Post author

      Hi Judy, thank you for your input. I spoke to Kevin Bramwell from Agrément South Africa and discussed with him that this situation was occurring. He advised me that although local authorities had the right to “interpret” the requirements that they cannot dictate the format. I forwarded him some of the information regarding this and he advised me further that this will be taken up.


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