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Undocumented Feature – Sliding Windows 22

Sliding Window with Arrow.png

This is just a quick mention of an undocumented feature I found that shows arrows for sliding windows in ARCHICAD 22. This is applicable to the INT, AUS, NZE & UKI versions and possibly others sharing the INT library. Unfortunately not for the USA version (yes I did check).

There are two ways of displaying the opening direction of Sliding Windows. The one is within the object settings for Sliding Windows under the tab Opening Lines.

Opening Lines.png

Ticking the option Override Model View Options allows one to change the selection from None to Arrow.

3-Sash Sliding Window 22.png

The other (recommended) way to control the display of opening arrows would be to select the option Sliding Window – Arrow under the subheading Window/Skylight Opening Line on Floor Plan.

Model View Options.png

The arrow is always located on the side of the sliding section. If the option to show arrow is turned on one can see the behaviour when placing the window.

Sliding Window Direction.png



Some alternative and creative uses for the window object – Wall Niche Rectangular

There are a number of instances where a tool or object in ARCHICAD can be used for other purposes than its name suggests. For example the slab tool can be used to represent any horizontal element like floating shelfs, countertops, flooring etc.

Lets look at repurposing the Wall Niche Rectangular # object. It is placed using the Window Tool (# denotes available in previous versions of ARCHICAD, not just 22).

To represent Control or Expansion joints in masonry wall construction.

Wall Niche Rectangular 22 Plan.png

Some “fun” parameter facts:

Depth ≥ 1mm.

Width ≥ 1mm

Height ≥ 1mm

Control or Expansion joint.png

Changing its surface to a different material.

Wall Niche Rectangular settings.png

Wall Niche Rectangular 22 .png