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This topic is about what the difference one additional parameter can make.

For ARCHICAD 22, GRAPHISOFT have updated all the Hinged Doors 22 by adding an additional glass parameter. This would be as a result of myself (& possibly others) submitting this request to GRAPHISOFT HQ for consideration.

Why is this so important you might be asking yourself. As far as I am aware it is currently undocumented as we are still waiting for ARCHICAD 22 Small Improvements to be released.

In previous versions of ARCHICAD the user did not have control over being able to separate the surface for door leaf / sidelight / transom.

Screen Shot doors AC20.png

But now with the inclusion of being able to separate Leaf Glass and Sash Glass it allows the use of standard ARCHICAD doors to take a new turn.

Screen Shot doors AC22

In residential architecture the user can now easily represent such an entrance door, without the need to model a custom door panel.


For this example I selected Door Leaf Type = H-V Grid and selected different surfaces for the Leaf Glass & Sash Glass.


How it represents in 3D window using OpenGL.

Screen Shot AC22 FRONT DOOR 3D

Last but not least some examples of doors replicated from a catalogue to save out as favorites.



Modular Joinery Object on

Modular Joinery Object (MJO) for ArchiCAD 16, is now available to all users on Software Subscription Agreement (SSA). To download it launch ArchiCAD 16, open up the “Door/ Window Default Settings”, and search for ‘modular’ with the option “On BIM Components Portal” or “Both” selected. Then select the Modular Door/ Window object and click on the button “Download and Embed” at the bottom. Please note: You need to do this in both “Window Default Settings” and “Door Default Settings”.

Thanks to our partners at GRAPHISOFT UK, who commissioned Ralph Wessel of Encina Ltd. to create a window/door/panel/storefront/curtain wall GDL object, called Modular Joinery, for kindly making it available for Southern Africa users on SSA contract. Special thanks go to Simon Gilbert from GRAPHISOFT UK, who assisted me with this process, and of course Levente Filetóth and his team at GRAPHISOFT HQ.

MJO allows for amazing complexity and unifies both window and door options into one Object. MJO for ArchiCAD 16 also includes an update. This update has now been extended to incorporate typical uPVC and timber profiles along with improved representations enabling the objects to be used in conjunction with the default library of doors and windows in ArchiCAD. Download the “Modular Joinery update.pdf” for more details.

Modular Joinery update

Download the “Modular Joinery Manual. pdf” for help with using MJO.

Modular Joinery Manual

For a “quick guide” to using MJO please refer to the following two images: