ARCHICON / RTC Hunter Valley 2016


I am very excited to have been asked to present one of my favourite features, namely CineRender in ARCHICAD at this years ARCHICON / RTC Hunter Valley 2016. The event is to be held 12-13th May 2016, with RTC Australasia running a day longer. For more information and to Register click here!

The focus of my presentation will be to highlight how ARCHICAD provides enhanced, more realistic rendering capabilities out of the box! In practice, this means, that anyone can create state-of the art, professionally rendered visualizations of their projects without the need to buy, install and learn any additional software applications!

For example one of the topics I talk about will be Surfaces, and how Cinema 4D Textures capabilities were integrated into ARCHICAD. Including an expose of Textures / Channels / Procedural Shaders etc.

Then there will be an opportunity to showcase the fact that the CineRender engine was updated. Here is the details as per the GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 20 announcement that was made yesterday the 3rd May 2016:

ARCHICAD 20 runs the latest CineRender version, based on the Cinema 4D R16 engine. The result is a major enhancement concerning surface settings.

This ensures even more realistic surfaces, while rendering improvements reduce render times and enable highly-realistic contact shadows.

A new Reflectance Channel allows multiple reflection layers and control over blurriness and distance dim. Perfect for architectural materials like metals. A “turbo boost” to render times is possible thanks to the Irradiance Cache and the Physical Renderer, which features a new ray-tracing solution and faster grass calculation.

I look forward to seeing all those attending ARCHICON 2016. Including the opportunity to be there to participate and learn from the other Presenters.

Gideon Taljaard is the ARCHICAD Manager at Plus Architecture. Plus Architecture is an award-winning, integrated architecture and interior design practice founded in 1997. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand, its capabilities extend to multi-residential, master-planned, commercial, aged care and mixed use developments.

Gideon’s previous experience saw him working for the ARCHICAD reseller in South Africa from 2000 to 2012, and from 2013 to 2015 for the ARCHICAD reseller in Australia. He has 20 years’ experience using ARCHICAD starting with ARCHICAD 4.5.


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