Both the boxes and the download arrived on the same day – TODAY! (Wed 4 July)

Yes it is official, the courier company delivered our box shipment, and Graphisoft have advised us that the download is available on the same day. (Isn’t it ironic.. don’t you think?)

The fastest way to get the installer for ArchiCAD 16 is to download it of course….. to do this visit

If you are a MSA client with a WIBU or CodeMeter keyplug then click on “Register & Download” next to Professional. You will then be asked some basic personal information. Or at the bottom “Login with existing Account” using your FaceBook etc.

Last but not least once you have logged in and downloaded the relevant installer depending on your OS don’t forget to upgrade your keyplug. (Please don’t forget that when installing ArchiCAD 16 the key plug must not be inserted into your computer) Then once you have installed ArchiCAD 16 you can plug the key plug back in and then you need to upgrade it. To do this please visit Also it is recommended to use Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac.

For more information and instructions on upgrading your key plug visit Remote Key Upgrade on the website


4 thoughts on “IT’S HERE!

  1. Nekoda

    Hello: I just wanted to ask about downloading ArchiCAD online: our Internet connection is not so good. It is just safer to purchase it from South Africa?

    1. gtaljaard Post author

      Hi, where are you located? Graphisoft SA is the authorized Distributor for most of Africa. Yes it is safer to purchase from us as we would then supply you with the box, manuals and additional training material and resources available. You can contact our Sales Manager for pricing.


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