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GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler released for ArchiCAD 16


The MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing) Modeler is an addon to ArchiCAD® 16. Architectural practices and architectural departments of firms using ArchiCAD can use the GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler™ to create, edit or import 3D MEP networks (ductwork, piping and cable tray) and coordinate them with the ArchiCAD Virtual Building. The MEP Modeler uses familiar tools and interface. Poor coordination between trades is perhaps the biggest reason for budget and time overruns in buildings. These problems regularly cause as much as a 2-4% cost overrun on a total project budget. Thus, owners and architects are looking to dramatically reduce coordination errors. The MEP Modeler is the best solution for architects to help achieve greater efficiency in the building process.

For more information and to download visit the Products page / MEP Modeler site

Demo version

In order to try MEP Modeler without a license under a licensed ArchiCAD 16, you need to run ArchiCAD 16 in DEMO mode. Unplug the WIBU dongle prior to launching ArchiCAD to switch to DEMO mode.

How to obtain a Graphisoft MEP Modeler license

If you decide to purchase an MEP Modeler license, please contact GRAPHISOFT SA (TotalCAD Solution Centre). +27 (0)31 205-1854

Product licenses may be uploaded to the ArchiCAD protection key via the internet. After obtaining the license to the MEP Modeler you have already installed, it is going to work under your licensed ArchiCAD 16 with full functionality.

BIM Workflow

  • Where the MEP engineer can provide 3D data, architects are able to import the consultant’s MEP model into ArchiCAD using the IFC format. In addition to this generic IFC interface, the MEP Modeler package provides an improved connection with AutoCAD MEP 2008/09/10 and with Revit MEP 2010/2011/2012 via the IFC format, using an export plug-in called ArchiCAD Connection.
  • If the MEP Engineer provides 2D data, using the MEP Modeler it is very easy to model and visualize the designed MEP systems in 3D and eliminate possible collisions.

Join us, Graphisoft SA at Green Building/ Sustainability Week

Graphisoft SA will be again participating in the The Green Building Conference and Exhibition for a second year in a row. Join us on 27th July for a workshop from 9h30-10h30. This will be a practical workshop illustrating the application of SANS 204 using ArchiCAD 16 with its built-in Energy Evaluation functionality. As you are aware, this year energy efficiency in buildings standard SANS 204 became mandatory. Or come visit us at our stand where you can learn more about the integrated Energy Evaluation functionality.

The Green Building Conference and Exhibition 2012 is happening alongside various other Sustainability Conferences, at Sustainability Week in Sandton Convention Centre.
Green Building 2012 will again feature several innovations in its programme and market offerings:

The programme will be separated into clearly defined ½ day modules, each featuring international and local experts and concluding with a facilitated panel discussion with the speakers from that module.

Modules are structured so as to be attractive to all stakeholders, but will allow people to choose not to attend all sessions without losing any coherence, and CPD credits will also be structured accordingly.


Both the boxes and the download arrived on the same day – TODAY! (Wed 4 July)

Yes it is official, the courier company delivered our box shipment, and Graphisoft have advised us that the download is available on the same day. (Isn’t it ironic.. don’t you think?)

The fastest way to get the installer for ArchiCAD 16 is to download it of course….. to do this visit

If you are a MSA client with a WIBU or CodeMeter keyplug then click on “Register & Download” next to Professional. You will then be asked some basic personal information. Or at the bottom “Login with existing Account” using your FaceBook etc.

Last but not least once you have logged in and downloaded the relevant installer depending on your OS don’t forget to upgrade your keyplug. (Please don’t forget that when installing ArchiCAD 16 the key plug must not be inserted into your computer) Then once you have installed ArchiCAD 16 you can plug the key plug back in and then you need to upgrade it. To do this please visit Also it is recommended to use Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac.

For more information and instructions on upgrading your key plug visit Remote Key Upgrade on the website