Door/Window Functionality Survey (Wish-list)

I am conducting a survey on the functionality of doors and windows.

Starting off with “standard” Door/ Window Dimension Markers available in ArchiCAD. This  is the result of increasing number of clients wanting to know where they find a door / window marker represented by the pictogram highlighted in the screenshot below….. it depicts a circle divided horizontally with a door number top and suffix below.

An interesting aside to the above question is that ArchiCAD is available in 21 languages and additional localized versions. What this means is that a lot of countries share similar objects (same object but different language description) but also distinct objects “applicable” to their market. Remembering that these objects can be 3D or 2D. In the “perfect world” wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could share some of these objects if they suite our needs?

At the risk of stating the obvious take a look at the screenshot below

The second question is a request for “accurately” looking steel door frames. Take a look at doors found in the INT Library – for example “D1 Metal…”. The door frame does not look anything like a metal door frame, nor can it be manipulated to look like one.

But now look at the same door “D1 Metal…” found in the USA Library, it is found in the folder “08 11 00 Metal Doors and Frames” with the obvious difference that it has a steel frame option.

And take a look at it placed in plan at a scale of 1:20

Your response to the above would be appreciated.  (only 2 questions are asked)


6 thoughts on “Door/Window Functionality Survey (Wish-list)

  1. Elian Hirsch

    Which Dimension Marker did you choose in the screenshot?
    I´m using AC15 Int and for exactly the same door, using all the possible Dimension Markers, I cannot get those options that your screenshot has in the Marker Settings, like “Separator…” or even the image of the shape.

      1. gtaljaard Post author

        Hi Elian, the Dimension Marker that I used in the blog was one that I discovered when Beta testing ArchiCAD 15. At some stage during the testing phase there was a library called “ArchiCAD Superset Library” which contained libraries from different countries. It was from this that I came across Dimension Marker 15 KOR. It appears to belong to the Korean version of ArchiCAD. The reason I wrote the blog and started the survey was to get an indication from a cross section of “other” ArchiCAD users who needed similar functionality. Then forward this to Graphisoft with the request to share this with other ArchiCAD language versions.

      2. Elian

        Thanks Gideon. Very useful information. I’m downloading the Korean version and I really hope that I can find it there as I desesperatly need that marker.
        Is great your initiative of the blog and the survey. Lets hope Graphisoft listen..

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