Updated ArchiCAD Tutorials for ArchiCAD 15

Graphisoft recently updated 2 of their Interactive Training Programs for ArchiCAD 15.

These programs are made available for free as Interactive Training Guides. There are currently 6 such training modules available. The recently updated modules are ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 1 & Part 2. ArchiCAD Tutorials

ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 1 (ArchiCAD Teamwork)

The first part of the ArchiCAD Collaboration ITG gives a step-by-step introduction to GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD’s Teamwork concept.

The Teamwork concept introduced in ArchiCAD 13 revolutionizes BIM collaboration, changing the work methods of members of an architectural team, consultants and clients.

The completion of the guide requires 4-6 hours.

ArchiCAD Collaboration Part 2 (Collaboration Techniques)

The second part of the ArchiCAD Collaboration ITG deals with the complex collaboration techniques between GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD and various other programs. Among the covered themes are Hotlinked Modules, Project Mark-up, collaboration with structural and MEP engineers, examples for DWG-conversion, IFC, xRefs and many more.

The completion of the guide requires 5-8 hours.

Another course that was updated for ArchiCAD 15 is:

ArchiCAD Essentials

The ArchiCAD Essentials training package guides you through the creation of a 10.500 square meters office building. Users will be introduced to the core architectural design, design-development and documentation concepts and techniques of ArchiCAD.

The completion of the guide requires 5-8 hours.

Although the other Training Programs have not been updated to include ArchiCAD 15 “new features” their content is still relevant even though they were introduced for ArchiCAD 12. In other words once downloaded they can be opened from ArchiCAD 15.

Two of these modules are in-fact advanced training,

Advanced Modeling

This Advanced Guide covers the following topics:

  • Generic modeling: basic volumes and shapes;
  • Architectural modeling: structural grids, terrains, slanted- and composite walls, columns, beams, stairs and roofs;
  • Special openings: skylights, corner windows;
  • Special constructions: TrussMaker and RoofMaker.

The completion of the guide requires 3-5 hours.

Building Objects Creation

This Advanced Guide covers Graphisoft’s GDL Object Technology concept.

  • Saving 2D symbols and 3D models as GDL objects, rotating and adding material parameters to them;
  • Auto saving rectangular and non-rectangular openings and creating custom door panels;
  • Basic and advanced GDL scripting.

The completion of the guide requires 4-6 hours.

Last but not least is:

Experience BIM

This guide is intended to support your first BIM experiences by providing step by step instructions to build the Massaro House, a Frank Lloyd Wright design from 1950. The construction documentation was created with ArchiCAD by a Wright-expert architect, Thomas A. Heinz, AIA, based on Wright’s 5 original pencil drawings.

The completion of the guide requires 2-4 hours.


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