How to: Door & Window Schedules using the Interactive Schedule

Introduction & Background to the Interactive Schedule

ArchiCAD’s Interactive Schedule function allows you to automatically generate  schedules. Unlike simple lists created with the commands of the Document > Schedules and Lists menu, the Interactive Schedule not only displays quantities and other parameters – you can actually edit it. This makes it possible to notice and correct inconsistencies resulting from a data entry error or from the merging of the work of several people on different parts of the same project.

For example, the schedule may allow you to detect that all but one of the thirty or forty doors placed in your building have the same height and width. You can then select this door directly from the schedule and check whether there is a reason for this inconsistency. If you find that this was a mistake, then you can correct the setting in the schedule and automatically update the door in all views.

Similarly, it’s easy to double-check how many of the doors open to the right or the left. There are two categories of Interactive Schedules:

  • Element Lists show characteristics of simple construction elements.
  • Component Lists are optimized to list information about each component of composite elements (composite walls, slabs, roofs and/or multi-component profile elements
To make a door or window schedule you would use the Element List . Go to Navigator > Project Map > scroll down list to Schedules > Element > select Door List or Window List
Setting up the Door or Window List as a View
When setting up a Door or Window schedule for the first time using the Interactive Schedule it is important to know that you should save the Door or Window List as a View. When the Door or Window List is viewed as a view one can control the output scale, especially considering the setting out of the schedule on paper.
The one way to save the Door or Window List as a view is to right-click on it in the Navigator > Project Map and then select the option “Save Current View…”. You will find the Door or Window List at the bottom of the Navigator – View Map.
The other way is from Navigator – View Map > click on button towards the bottom of Navigator called “Clone a Folder…”. This will then open up the “Clone a Folder” window > scroll down the list and double click on Schedules to expand > click on Element (Note: under the General tab – Scale: is blanked out and cannot be changed, don’t worry about this as we can change this later).
Select “Clone”

You will now see the view “Element” at the bottom of the Navigator – View Map. Expand the “Element” View and select Door or Window List then click on the button at bottom of Navigator – View Map > “Settings…”

View Map > Door List > Settins” src=”” alt=”” width=”163″ height=”384″ />

Under the View Settings > General Tab you will now be able to set the “Scale:, Pen Set:, Model View Options: etc. At this stage 1:50 would be recommended.


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