How to: Split a Schedule (Door/ Window) into Multiple Layouts

When placing a long schedule-based drawing (Door/ Window Schedule) onto a “smaller” layout page (e.g. A4) it will not fit. It is possible to quickly and easily split up a long Schedule and place it onto multiple Layouts, so that all data on the Schedule can be published on individual layouts. Please note: This feature is available only for Drawings created from Element Schedules and Project Indexes.

Split Schedule into Multiple Layouts

One needs to first save the “Door/ Window List” as a view, this is explained in previous post “How to: Door & Window Schedules using the Interactive Schedule“.

To summarize “Saving a View”: From the Navigator – View Map click on the button “Clone a Folder” and under the tab “Identification” > Choose Project Map > then select “Schedules > Element”. Click on “Clone” button to close the window. It is recommended to rename the newly created view “Element” to “Interactive Schedule”. Lastly change the output scale of the Door Schedule View to 1:50 for example.

From the “Navigator > Layout Book” select “New Layout…” button to Create a New Layout. Change the “Name:” to a more appropriate easily recognizable name. Under the tab “General Settings” select the desired “Master Layout:” (in this example I choose “A4 Portrait”. Click “Create” button to close window.Double click to open the newly created Layout called “Door Schedule”. You can now drag the “Door Schedule” view onto the layout. To do this click on “Navigator – View Map” and click and hold down left mouse button to drag the “Door Schedule – view” onto the layout.

Select the drawing “Door Schedule” and right-click and select “Drawing Selection Settings”.

From the window “Drawing Selection Settings” under the tab “Frame > Frame’s behavior: > check the “Split Drawing among Multiple Layouts” checkbox. Under the “Title” tab it is recommended to select “No Title”. Click “OK” to close.

Please note: When you place a Drawing based on an Element Schedule onto a Layout, this checkbox becomes available in Drawing Selection Settings. Otherwise for drawings with other sources, the checkbox is grey.Select the Drawing – Door Schedule and click on one of its four corner nodes. This will open the pet palette. Click on the “Restructure Schedule” button. Resize the schedule so that only one cell is encompassed. Then click on the middle node to drag and place it in desired position on layout.

You will now see that ArchiCAD created as many Layouts as needed to display the entire contents of the Schedule. In the “Navigator – Layout Book” only one Layout is shown. But it has a “multi-page” icon, which is different from the single Layout icon. The total number of Layouts used for this Drawing is displayed after the Drawing Name. In this example “1/10” is shown.

Use the buttons “Next page” and “Previous page” buttons at the bottom of the “Door Schedule Layout” to jump to the next page.


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