How to: Not schedule empty openings

When empty openings (Empty Door/ Empty Window) are placed into a project these will appear by default in the Interactive Schedule – Door List or Window List. To not schedule empty openings select “Scheme Settings…”.

We will now add a new filter criteria under the tab “Criteria / Door List”. To do this click on “Add” and then change the newly created “Criteria” button to “Library Part Name”.

Change the “Criteria” to “is not” (this excludes stuff). Click on the value button (3 dots) Please note: it might take a little while to open up the next window depending on the size of the loaded library. which will open up list “Library Parts”

You now want to find the library part called “Empty Door” or “Empty Window”. Hint: to speed up the search when the window first opens click on any library part and type in “em” this will automatically scroll down the list for you.

To summarize: you want to add a new criteria > Library Part Name > is not > Empty Door. Click on “OK” to close the window “Scheme Settings”.

Any empty door openings will now not appear in the schedule.


2 thoughts on “How to: Not schedule empty openings

  1. Shannon

    Thank you so much for this simple step-by-step reference! I was initially confused when it didn’t work for me, as I had to select “rectangular door opening 18” Thanks to your clear direction, it was easy to figure out my problem, but maybe if you just add a little side note, that could lead others with my issue in the right direction it would be all the better. 🙂


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