Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

How to: Separate doors that use the same object but have different panels

If a user places doors that use the same same object (e.g. D1 15)  but the instances have different door panels the Interactive Schedule will schedule it as “one” instance (by default). As per the screenshot below the Door List displays “Quantity = 2” and displays 1 cell for the door.

To fix this open the Scheme Settings > Fields / Door List > Additional Parameters…

The “Additional Object Parameters” window will open. Click on the top drop-down menu – “Select Object by: = Folder View (used Objects only). In the example project file I placed only 2 instances of D1 15.gsm. But in your own project you can select any door to access the “Available Parameters: = gs_cust_panel  -Custom Panel Name”. Click on the “>>Add>>” button and then “OK” to close the window.

The “Scheme Settings” window for “Door List” will now include “Door Panel Style” under “Schedule Fields:”. Click “OK” to close.

The Door List now separates D1 15 into two cells, by Door Panel Style.